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Dionysus, a god of wine in Greek mythology. He is the son of Zeus, was born in the fire, raised the rain. He is the only mortal mother among the gods and the god who finally entered the Olympus Wonderland. He created wine, wine makes people sad, wine makes people germinate.

“Dionysus represents the wild, dreamlike, intoxicating spirit combined with the aesthetics of nature. In fact, life is like a work of art.” – Nietzsche

Designers are not philosophers, more than poets. Designer is a plastic artist, for the modeling artist, his challenge is to make people the first glance, you can see the beauty behind the shape.

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Replica Gucci Handbags Dionysus Small Embroidered Floral Satchel Bag, Pink This uniquely inspired design comes from a story of Bacchus: Legend has it that he became a tiger with a young fairy crossing the Tigris. With this pair of horseshoe arched double tiger head buckle, contemporary women’s diverse life to be harmonious parallel, balanced. And he designed Bacchanal series, but also reflects the modern woman day and night seamless switch, with the spirit of passionate and generous hearty personality, the pursuit of spiritual aristocracy.

Replica Gucci Bags current creative director Alessandro Michelle took office in the autumn and winter 2015 show on the first bag is the Bacchus replica bag tote, once introduced worldwide, until three years later, still unabated. Maybe you are reading this article, there is a wine cupboard cabinet. I think we must know that the Dionysus Bag’s name is derived from its name Dionysus Bag and also knows that the tiger’s headdress is an iconic element of the bag. However, what is the difference between Dionysus and Dionysus contact? What are the elements of this bag is related to Bacchus?

Replica Gucci Handbags

First of all, let’s get acquainted with Dionysus through such a “business card”: Position: Bacchus, harvest god. Greek name: Dionysus Dionysos. Roman name: Bucchus Bacchus.Father: Zeus Zeus. Mother: Semele Samuel (mortal). Residence: Mount Olympus Olympus. Wife: Ariadne Ariadne. Symbol: Scepter, Ivy, Grape. Relics: tiger, cheetah, bull, snake.

Although the arched double tiger head buckle is the iconic distinction between the Dionysos series and other series, but really let people noticed that it is actually in the traditional GG Supreme printing, into the unique and stylish embroidery details, replica handbags Using unique embroidery techniques, using silk twined brass colored threads, the motifs of various animal plants are hand-embroidered on silk just as Dionysus ruled the late humans and brought them back to life. These insects and flowers, plants and Animals, are lifelike three-dimensional appearance, of course, this kind of life-cycle also means that the brand so back to life.

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Later, people see arch double tiger head buckle to know that this is the Dionysian series, if there is no buckle, but there are embroidery and printing, it is actually not called Bacchus, including the very popular out later square flap bag In fact, many brands have) padlock, as well as the most classic Boston bag, have been printed on the Bacchus patterns and embroidery.

Double tiger head shape not only represents the god of wine, but also a symbol of romantic love at first sight, while the seamless connection of the two tigers also expressed the seamless transition between day and night, modern metropolitan people pursue the spirit of aristocratic life.

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After the success of Dionysus replica bag tote, Replica Gucci Handbags also rich style of Dionysus replica bag tote, while the element of Dionysus to clothes, shoes and belts design.

In fact, the mythical character has been so emphasized in the creative image of Alessandro Michele that Dionysian mother is the only mortal among the gods, and also because Dionysus grew up with all creatures in the forest. The wine brewed by God can also make people forget sadness and give birth to happiness and inspiration. All these stories are free and beautiful, and everything can coexist harmoniously. So any of the flowers and trees, insect beasts can become creative elements. Therefore, these prints of Bacchus is my most recommended, they are simple and not simple, and other people’s Bacchus bag to distinguish, reflecting the initial inspiration of the wine god replica bag tote.

Gucci GG 2.0 Mini Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag White

Shoulder bag is a tide male travel dress guide, it is necessary to single product, in addition to reach the age of the visual effect, but also to create a charming style like a charming image. Replica gucci bags launched a variety of styles, for men of different personality selection, in addition to the rich flavor of the iconic shoulder bag models, comes with sports style embroidery style, or a distinctive shell-style shoulder bag, regardless of Casual or formal occasions, as long as the back of the fashionable shoulder bag, you can easily match the play with the actor’s handsome fashion look look!

Modern business models usually travel in the business style of men, Replica gucci bag GG 2.0 Mini Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag White can choose GG Marmont series, high-quality black leather, with retro to do the old metal double G buckle, luxury and modern As one. Or Men’s Animalier series, both playful and style, clamshell metal head decoration for the soft leather black Bering leather finishing touch.

The new Replica gucci handbags GG Marmont series of handbags in the 2016 autumn and winter show launched, creative director Alessandro Michele in the creation of this handbag, the gucci bagi 70’s classic double G logo, into its personal fashion aesthetics, double G logo is this The biggest feature of handbags. GG Marmont series of handbags with a more soft cortex and structure, and the traditional style of a new interpretation of a handbag, camera bag and covers three sizes of shoulder bag, are decorated with leather details of the brass metal chain , Both practical and yet feminine soft temperament.

Literary style of temperament, all kinds of literary Fan full of shell-style shoulder bag, by the rice open clever hand, with a symbol of the brand logo to give a new life. Which GG Blooms and GG Chevron series in the double G pattern against the background, showing the blue Blooms geranium printing and green and red Chevron chevron character pattern unique modern charm.

Tropical series of tropical jungle in the birds and flowers as the theme, fluorescent colors will be depicting the jungle world lifelike, strong contrasting color, it is one of the bright. And in the red and blue ribbon printed with a conspicuous red coral snake totem for the Web Snake series, the use of bright and eye-catching green for the end, coupled with the momentum of the serpentine, eye index full of points! At the same time, Web Animalier series to double G pattern for the end, in the middle of the replica bag totewith a green and red ribbon, and decorated with hornet embroidery totem, exquisite handicrafts to the Hornet performance was vivid.

Low-key luxury models, Replica gucci bags Signature series to the new Signature leather show double G pattern different side, the use of carefully selected fine calfskin, hot embossing process engraved clear neat details. Perfect and elegant leather fabric, gucci bagi in the leather series on the delicate and elegant texture, ingenuity of the design and exquisite production techniques to show the most vividly.

Street tide section, Techpack series shoulder bag, the most suitable for men who love the street style, however. In addition to the delicate metal head shape, as well as colorful tiger head decoration, lotus and letter embroidery, with green and red ribbon, and has a number of zipper pocket. Very functional at the same time, rice open characteristics of the design is even more impressive. This series of replica bag totes and all black plain design, simple and wild!

Replica Gucci GG Blooms Small Backpack Rose-Beige Bags

Gucci GG Blooms Dionysus finally out of the confines of their own independence appears. GG Blooms feminine style like friends, and now do not miss out! The new products include Small clutch, long wallet, shredded paper bag and other styles, each bag are like summer flowers bloom as gorgeous.

Street shooting star with paragraph gg blooms Series Special Edition 405 019 Replica Gucci shoulder bag, look abroad Ming & Fashion bloggers street shooting in the sun this special edition printed Gucci shoulder bag, charismatic star models! Gucci latest season hit series gg blooms, sets the perfect combination of utility and aesthetics, more engaging selection of durable canvas classic double-G, a special edition with geranium printing gg advanced artificial leather, is the most beautiful interpretation, Replica Gucci GG Blooms Small Backpack Rose-Beige back in the body is very light, easy to carry plenty of space, beautiful bags exclusive custom authentic Italian original single-level quality, whether leisure travel is increasing the tide of fashion and personality matter.

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Replica GUCCI Handbags new work series GUCCI “GG BLOOMS” this romantic series with handbag headed wide variety of goods to clothing and even shoes are everything. More prepared Hankyu Umeda Main Store-limited product. Looks at first glance, give you the impression of the city. Noble pattern and background complement each other.

Japan’s large size backpack is more limited, as you often travel convenience. Gorgeous roses bloom in your wallet, I believe that women who are hard to refuse charm. Following the 2015 autumn and winter series debut, GG Blooms series in early spring 2016 series to complete series launched.

replica gucci handbags

As the tide circle of loyal Fans of you, should the Gucci GG Blooms print series is very understanding of it, when you first appeared on Dionysus series, it brought a good reaction, crude chains Dionysus and GG Blooms printing starker, Today, Replica Gucci Handbags GG Blooms finally out of the confines of Dionysus, independent, including a new series of small clutch, long wallet, shredded paper bag and other styles, every single product is filled with the sweet taste of summer.

GG Blooms using geranium printing totem, and GUCCI classic GG logo with embellishment, lively and elegant coexist modern and historical sense intersection. The series uses GG Supreme material, creating a romantic and street fashion style clash, arouses attention, full of vitality.

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GG Blooms early spring 2016 hit series two colors. Pink stamp is the first appearance in the 2015 Cotton Flax ladies, including Gucci Dionysus Bacchus series chain belt bag, pink print with pink leather or suede. 2016 early spring series is added to the green line, pink compared to the more “masculine”, green for the background geranium prints, adding a touch of sporty. Accessories black calfskin, some unisex styles.

Using GG Supreme material GG Blooms series of products including bags, wallets, shoes and silk products. Flagship product for the handbag, high-top sneakers and ballet shoes, with the series as well as a variety of wallets, card packs and electronic devices such as Shell.

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Avant-garde design new bags, classic design, build achievement in exquisite detail, so you side with a colorful personality. Make a confident woman and full of charm, elegance and gorgeous yours. Released simultaneously with the counter on the network, allowing you to buy the first time, the first time within 24 hours of delivery. So you can not resist the temptation of the supreme gorgeous experience to feel like a queen. Replica Gucci Bamboo bag, and now to the present, still loved by many stars, the most important is not only lightweight bamboo handle leather province, but also for the bag adds a modern taste, and therefore very popular. Gucci Gucci bamboo leather backpack series, each one is cleverly designed, together with tassel color compact design, the slightest reveal tenderness and sweet little woman. Gucci Gucci bamboo Bag has a wonderful birth, in 1947, Gucci family, the eldest son of the second generation of Aldo from London back to a bag, it uses the handle in World War II to save the new material developed leather – bamboo, and inspiration, but from the “saddle shape.” Gucci is pleased to presents Soft Stirrup bag series, one will feel supple attention Gucci handbags stirrup shape accentuates the series. Spurs shape to the theme of the design, the Replica Gucci handbags equestrian tradition out of focus, and with the creative director Frida Giannini romantic and eclectic series embraced early autumn 2012, a new generation of classic.
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Series uses all the passion and fine color palette, including: black, light gray, medium brown, dark red carmine, cocoa and chestnut ice color color accurately filled to create a warm feeling. Soft Stirrup handbag crafted precious materials, including denim leather and suede, all-natural, Gucci double-G linen or leather, and a variety of special animal skins, such as python skin, ostrich skin and alligator etc., and to make suede lining. Gucci in bright spring April day to bring you the latest fashion items: From the debut of the latest Gucci Swing Swing package, comfortable fit of Gucci loafers, the ladies favorite Replica Gucci Tote Bags shallow mouth high heels. These colorful and beautiful works like a warm spring breeze blowing, so that April day more colorful and moving. Gucci Swing Swing package this series package shall be made of cowhide Dollar, this fabric features a textured leather upper section of the package is stamped by hot stamping technology, have the effect that after dyeing leather matte; due to the characteristics of the package produced naturally elegant, leather itself is relatively more wear-resistant. Its body “Made in Italy by Gucci” golden stamping highlight distinctive handbags, Gucci also has been stuck to the “Italian creation” of the essence. Gucci Swing Swing package has a fashionable color: from basic black, deep cobalt blue, gray-brown to bright pink, soft pink, rust, orange, yellow and sea blue Hornet, to meet you wear with different needs. In particular, this section lined with natural linen bag with a large zippered pocket, cell phone pocket and blackberry with bags, top hidden magnet clasp, both at the time of design aesthetics but also to ensure a practical and safe, in addition, thick handle material design makes the hand grip is more comfortable for daily use.

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You go on vacation, or just shopping, you need a practical bag. Among the package, by Tote Tote Bag on the fore. It is designed to be simple and the capacity is large enough, with a lot of things if it is your best choice. Gucci inherited most famous diamond argyle, canvas and leather combination Tote Bag is the ideal choice for travel. Gucci handbag is the most famous canvas, Gucci canvas bag material was born in 1938, was under fascist rule in Italy, the production of raw materials is very scarce, discerning Goccio Gucci began to use hemp fiber, flax, jute and bamboo and other materials, making it the most unique personality Gucci style. Gucci creative canvas painted in the petrochemical material coating, and then press the letter G pairs of double seat trademark LOGO embossed prints. Unexpected make their luggage away from the traditional heavy suitcase clumsy, apart from more water resistant and lightweight. At that time, the aircraft engine has gradually replaced the traditional cruise train travel, wear lightweight travel bags to better meet people’s needs.

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For a time, United States Gucci Tote Bags printed with double G letters and all kinds of eye-catching red and green canvas briefcase, handbag, wallet and other Gucci products became the most In a single product. In addition to canvas, Gucci most proud of as well as pigskin processing technology. For advanced leather producers, the best material is cow leather, which went lanugo that have not replaced, or not eaten raw grass calf leather highest value, because a uniform thickness and extremely soft, they were called the king of leather shoes. Followed by sheep leather, the worst is pig leather, pig leather is characterized by large pores, texture, tough, rough surface, relatively speaking, the price is cheaper. To solve the problem of shortage of materials during the war, Gucci developed an innovative approach to technology: that is the pigskin to use special methods to hide the rough leather, with leather as a product for processing, but due to the effect of unique, unusual by surprise after promotion people are welcome.

Replica Gucci Tote Bags

In 1947, Gucci launched the first bamboo handle handbag, its design inspired by the side of the saddle, once introduced to obtain the favor of many celebrities, famous director Michelangelo Antonioni is used several times in their Gucci shot this movie paragraph bamboo handle handbag. So far, the bamboo handle handbag styles Gucci is still one of the most representative. Gucci bamboo bag based on the nature, all bamboo imported from China and Vietnam, natural materials and hand grilled technical achievements of its features not easily broken.